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I have been involved in the network marketing industry for over 20 years with five different companies. I also am one of the few CPA’s to enter the MLM industry, so I have a somewhat different perspective than most people in the business. For the last thirteen years, I have been seriously involved with three different companies and done well with all three of them. Every company I have ever been involved with over the last 20 years is still in business and they are all doing extremely well. While my last three companies were extremely successful, none of them ever produced the intense excitement and acceptability that I am experiencing with JavaFit. While the problems in the economy have created a “windfall” opportunity for many network marking companies, JavaFit has something special. That special unique advantage involves the combination of two massive industries. While the vitamin industry is huge, the coffee industry is even bigger. Coffee is the second largest commodity next to oil and 110 million Americans drink coffee every day without fail. Because of this, we do not have to create a demand for this product, it is already created. This means everyone can do this business. My previous company went from 30 million to 1.4 billion in a three year period. In this company, I see the same potential. The only difference is, I think JavaFit will go much farther and a lot quicker.

Lance Gordon
Milwaukee, WI


The Features and Benefits of the
JavaFit Product!

Highly Consumable Product!
Javafit coffee is the perfect highly consumable product to help you create immediate income plus long term residual income that you and your family can rely on for years to come as people continue to enjoy Javafit!

Tastes Great!
Why are people so excited about the Javafit product? First and foremost because JavaFit tastes great!!!

Fresh Brewed Gourmet - Not Instant!
People love it because Javafit is fresh brewed gourmet coffee - NOT instant however, people do notice instant satisfaction and results!

Functional Gourmet Coffees backed by science!
Javafit is unique, with the only full line of functional gourmet coffees infused with vitamins and herbs to help people Lose Weight, Improve Mental Focus, Boost Energy and Support the Immune System. Javafit products are backed by science and clinical studies.

Coffee is Healthy!
Coffee is found to be very beneficial to human health. In fact, a recent study found that Americans get more of their antioxidants from coffee than any other dietary source!

One of Life's Pleasures!
People do forget to take vitamins but nobody forgets to drink their coffee in the morning! Even during a recession, people will cut out other purchases, but no one wants to stop enjoying their coffee, one of life's pleasures!

True Wholesale Pricing!
Javafit offers attractive and convenient packaging, and true wholesale Preferred Customer pricing which makes Javafit Gourmet coffee highly desirable. People love
sampling Javafit Gourmet coffee because once people taste Javafit, they always want more!

The Features and Benefits of the
JavaFit Company!

We believe Javafit is the perfect company and vehicle for Affiliates looking to build long term financial security.

Strong Company!
Javafit is a well funded, strong 9-year established coffee company guided by a sharp and experienced management team. With experience in taking a previous company to hundreds of millions in international sales, it is natural that Future global expansion is planned for the Javafit business and opportunity.

No Middlemen!
Starting with green coffee beans, Javafit roasts, packages and delivers to our customers and Affiliates directly providing lower pricing and at the same time, greater profitability for the company and higher profits and compensation for our Affiliates.

Perfect Combination!
Javafit offers the perfect combination of PRODUCT, COMPANY and Compensation Plan.

The Features and Benefits of the JavaFit Compensation Plan!

The following are the highlights that make our compensation plan so rewarding!

No "Smoke and Mirrors"!
The Javafit compensation plan pays on FULL DOLLAR VALUE with no reduction in Bonus Volume or BV that is contributed to the Independent Coffee Broker’s compensation plan. For example, 1 Dollar in coffee purchases or sales equals 1 Dollar in the compensation plan! - It is NOT reduced to pay out less like most direct sales companies do! In fact, Javafit pays a full 50% of DOLLAR VALUE to the field - not the "smoke and mirror" numbers you will hear from other companies using BV reduction.

Generous Uni-Level Plan that pays down 7 Levels!

  • Earn 10% Commission on all your sales.
  • Earn 10 % Commission on your own purchases.
  • You actually get paid to drink JavaFit Coffee.
  • Stock Options Reward Program.

You can earn Stock Options in JavaFit and participate in the company’s overall success.

Huge Fast Start Bonuses!
Next, Javafit pays generous Fast Start Bonuses as you add Independent Coffee Brokers that you enroll!

Preferred Customer Program!

Speaking of Preferred Customers, Javafit has an exciting Preferred Customer Wholesale Buyers Program...

Preferred Customers buy at Wholesale
The JavaFit business model is built around Preferred Customer "wholesale" purchases which are designed to easily "wipe out" the requirement for an Affiliate's personal purchase altogether. This program promotes sales to end consumers and personal consumption. The nice thing is that Preferred Customers can buy "wholesale" and not at the higher retail pricing. So attracting Preferred Customers to Javafit is very easy!

Exciting Upgrade Feature
An exciting feature of our Preferred Customer program is Preferred Customers are actually placed in the genealogy tree and may later choose to become Affiliates by simply submitting the Affiliate Application and $35 Affiliate fee. This is an exciting way to upgrade Preferred Customers to Affiliates - especially if they have other Affiliates or Preferred Customers falling below them in the genealogy tree before they even decide to become an Affiliate!!!

Sponsor Companies to Buy Wholesale
Our Independent Coffee Brokers can earn commissions by marketing coffee to companies who purchase at wholesale. No other company offers this selection of gourmet and functional coffees.

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