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I feel Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreat! I can totally tell my energy level is up. I just noticed it’s time to eat tuna and realized I'm NOT hungry! That is how all my Hydrocuts made me feel (generic brand of Hydroxycut). I'm going to send that website info to all my girlfriends from the gym.

Stephanie B
Addison, TX



I started drinking JavaFit a month ago. At first I just loved the taste, but then I noticed an increase in my energy and a decrease in my appetite. It didn't take long for me to be hooked. Now I'm a JavaFit queen, spreading JavaFit joy among my subjects.

Danielle B



WOW! I am writing to you about your product, JavaFit, to let you know how amazing I think it is.... After my first cup, I have become hooked! I am now a Java-head addict!.. I am also a self proclaimed coffee aficionado. ...First of all, it tastes better than any coffee I can compare it to. Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Maxwell House, you name it and I think that the JavaFit blend tastes better and makes for a more enjoyable cup of 'java' than the aforementioned brands. More importantly however, it does everything it touts to do.... I love your product. I think it's amazing.

A very happy and loyal JavaFit consumer.

John Micciolo
Brooklyn, NY



...I have purchased many brands of coffee and did not expect this to go down easy but I knew it would satisfy the nutrients I was missing. Well let me tell you it is BEST cup of coffee I have ever had. Almost too good to be true!! ...My workouts are always in the morning, I have more energy for them and throughout the day. I feel this is because I am giving my body what it needs to work. I have never felt this refreshed from my regular vitamins or all of the coffee I drank. I have told so many of my friends and family about the different types and they can't wait to try it. I know I will be buying this for gifts this Christmas. Thank you for thinking outside of the bean and I look forward to enjoying your coffee for as long as you make it. Please use what you like for the testimonial. I truly love this coffee!!!!!

Mrs. Jeannine Gattus



I have never been a coffee drinker because I don't like the taste of coffee. However, I sampled JavaFit coffee at the Europa Super Show Expo 2005, and loved it! As soon as I got home, I ordered some, and now I'm hooked! A few of my friends and my parents also liked it and are now JavaFit drinkers! JavaFit coffee is the best!

Barbie Guerra


Join JavaFit Today and begin
your lifetime of residual income
and financial freedom!

All you have to do is join us, get your fresh supply of our most popular healthy coffee blends and give a few to some coffee drinkers you know for them to try. Then get ready! Before you know it, you can expect your first wave of phone calls asking you where to get more! And of course, they can only get it through your website, online. Residential and business customers all love our preferred customer wholesale prices - as low as $

And no stocking of inventory is needed since we ship directly to your customers and pay you weekly! Many of your customers will also want to become Independent Coffee Brokers so when they do, you earn money on their sales and their team sales as well.

This is absolutely the most exciting concept in home business marketing because our customers are already drinking millions of cups of coffee every day! All we have to do is let them try ours, which just happens to be GOOD FOR THEM!

And our unique home business model to do so is actually very simple:
Upgrade your current pre-enrolled team position with us by purchasing the either the $100 Javafit Business Builder package, the $300 Professional Package or the $500 Executive Package. We’ll then ship you a package full of our exciting healthy coffee blends, including blends for energy, weight-loss, mental focus, and enhanced immunity.

When your coffee arrives, just brew up a pot and see how good each blend tastes and feels for yourself.

But this is only the beginning: You will receive sample packs that each make a full pot of our great-tasting healthy coffee - so give some free to friends, neighbors, and coffee-drinking associates. We also give you your own Javafit member web site, full of videos and information about our unique product concept. So be sure to show your friends this as well.

Then, sit back and enjoy another cup of healthy, energizing coffee and wait… because soon… your friends and neighbors will be calling you! They’ll want to know how they can get more of these delicious rejuvenating coffee blends. Of course to get their own healthy coffee, all they have to do is join your team of independent coffee brokers or purchase product from your Javafit web site, and when they do…you get paid.

And as they then share this amazing coffee concept with others, you get paid again…and again….and again.

But don’t wait. The quicker you position yourself today, the quicker we can get to work helping you with our unique team strategies and support, so you can achieve all your wellness and financial goals.

Get started now by ordering your
Business Builder, Manager or Executive Package

JavaFit is focused on having the best coffee in the industry. Javafit offers both fortified and regular gourmet coffee on the market and is proud to present 2 oz fractional packs that guarantee the freshest cup of coffee. Each pack makes 10 - 12 servings each (one pot of coffee). We package 24 packs in a box to maximize continued freshness!

Wholesale Box (3 lbs.)
only $25 - $40

Wholesale Box (3 lbs.)
$60 for Diet Plus, Immune Plus, Focus Plus or
Energy Extreme Box - (24 - 2oz Packs per box)

$60 for Variety Pack box Contains:
6 - 2 oz. Packs of Diet Plus 62
6 - 2 oz. Packs of Immune Plus Multi Vitamins
6 - 2. oz Packs of Focus Plus Multi Vitamins
6 - 2. oz Packs of Energy Extreme 62

$37.50 for Original Gourmet Coffee Box -
(24 - 2oz Packs)

The Business Builder Package
Only $100
plus shipping

The Business Builder Package

2 Variety Pack Boxes (Total 48 x 2 oz. packs)

* PLUS - First Month business builder System

The Professional Package
Only $300
plus shipping

The Professional Package

7 Variety Pack Boxes (Total 168 x 2 oz. packs)

* PLUS - First Month business builder System

The Executive Package
Only $500
plus shipping

The Executive Package

A complete variety of all the JavaFit Coffees

Complete assortment of Marketing Materials

* PLUS - First Month business builder System

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