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" I have been drinking the diet JavaFit for just over 7 weeks now, and have dropped 25 pounds. I am thrilled with the results that I have seen just from drinking the JavaFit coffee. I have added the JavaFit diet coffee to a schedule of drinking a 12-16 oz mug of diet JavaFit each morning, before I eat breakfast, and to my afternoon routine, I drink a full 12-16 oz mug of coffee before I eat lunch, and I do the same thing for the supper time. I found that I did not want to eat much, and I found that my metabolism actually changed! ( For the good!) ( and mmmm it is good!).

Thank You JavaFit! "

Marilyn K, Ramos
Lancaster, Pa



" I mix the energy extreme and the focus plus, half and half and brew a half pot of coffee each morning. This helps me stay energized and sharp, the whole day through.....and it tastes delicious! "

- Beau A



" Hello! Thanks for JavaFit! I am a physical therapist in Ft. Lauderdale and enjoy both the JavaFit Energy and Diet formulas. I am also a natural figure competitor and count on coffee to assist me for energy in daily activities as well as training. Thanks for a great product and have a great day- In Health. "

Erin Elberson
Ft. Lauderdale FL



" Hi Everyone at JavaFit: I just wanted to let you know that I just joined the Performance Ready Team with Carla Sanchez. I have only been a team member for a few weeks now, but I am already addicted to JavaFit. I just wanted to send your company a little note to say thank you so much for sponsoring our team. I wear your cute shirt all the time and I drink your wonderful coffee every morning. I tell everyone I know about your great product. Starbucks doesn't even compare to JavaFit. Thanks for waking me up in the mornings! "

Amanda Berthod
Performance Ready Fitness & Figure Team Member.


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See how Javafit's Diet Coffee is making headlines!

FACT #1:
Coffee is the second most traded commodity in the world next to crude oil!

FACT #2:
Coffee is consumed either hot or cold by about one-third of the people in the world, in amounts larger than those of any other beverage!

FACT #3:
130 million Americans are coffee drinkers making coffee the number one source of antioxidants for Americans compared to any other food or drink!

Now that you know how big the coffee industry is,
you know there is a lot of money to be made with coffee!

FACT #4:
80% of Americans older than 25 are overweight according to a recent CNN report

FACT #5:
Americans spend up to $50 Billion dollars annually on diet and weight loss products

FACT #6:
Global Weight Loss Market Worth $586 Billion dollars by 2014

Now you know how big the weight loss industry is,
you know there is also a lot of money to be made
helping people lose weight!

Most people forget to take their vitamins but nobody forgets to drink their coffee!

NEW! Java Impact

This is because Java Impact is unlike any other coffee you have ever tried... We begin with the finest green certified organic Arabica coffee beans, grown in nutrient-rich soil on natural farms without the use of pesticides, artificial fertilizers or other chemicals. We then take these premium organic beans and hand roast them in small batches to perfection.

Introducing Javafit Functional Healthy Coffees, featuring DIET PLUS and 4 other Healthy Coffees!

Drink Coffee - Lose Weight!
Drink Coffee - Think Better!
Drink Coffee - Boost Immunity!
Drink Coffee - Boost Energy!

Until now, the average person could not participate in the coffee industry without investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in a coffee franchise! The exciting news today is, we have now leveled the playing field giving the average person the ability to cash in on three mega-industries, coffee, weight loss and nutrition.

We provide you with a step by step plan to get paid weekly on this amazing global beverage so you can break free from the financial concerns of life with additional part time or full time income plus the potential to become truly financially independent.

We will show you how to introduce the first full line of functional gourmet
coffees to the world, all from the comfort of your own home. And because our coffee blends are truly healthy and truly delicious, you can win over thousands of daily coffee drinkers and start cashing in on this literal goldmine.

And we're not talking artificial instant coffee mixes here. We're talking real gourmet coffee, brewed fresh and rich just like the very best coffees in the world. The big difference is that our coffee uses a proprietary blend of vitamin and herbal infusions to make every ordinary cup a truly healthy beverage. We offer healthy blends for weight loss, mental focus, energy and immunity plus our original Gourmet Coffee.

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